Success stories

We had the opportunity to work on several remarkable projects for international clients from various industries. We helped build successful big data solutions, corporate websites and complex business web applications.

Find out more about some of our past projects here.

Metadata-driven Data Management Framework for Mercedes-Benz Mobility

May 2022 - Present
  • Big Data
  • Data Lakehouse
  • ETL Pipelines
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Databricks
  • Unit Tests

Mission of the project is to build one inclusive BI platform to generate intelligent insights that are accessible and efficient to all (FQ & markets) based on standardized data and a common, flexible architecture across Mercedes-Benz Mobility.

Implementation of a Metadata-Driven Data Management Framework. Data from the source systems are ingested by Azure Data Factory Pipelines, stored in Azure Data Lake and transformed in Databricks Notebooks using a medallion (multi-hop) architecture.

The framework is built in a generic and flexible way so it can be reused for all use cases - 45 markets and FQ. It's open for market specific non-standard requirements not forcing other markets to adjust their solution / implementation. The framework is configured by metadata that specifies how many layers the ETL process will have, which data will be ingested, how the data will be transformed, which data will be exported etc. Based on these metadata it automatizes creation of ingestion, transformation and export instructions to speed up market onboarding. The framework also supports data validation and can stop ETL process, trigger a workflow and wait for an approval to continue.

Our company augmented the client's team by providing two resources - Michal Rutrich, who served as a technical architect and a lead data engineer and a second data engineer with Power BI expertise.

Profile picture of Burak Duran
Burak Duran Business Intelligence Solutions Architect, Mercedes-Benz Mobility

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Michal Rutrich on a very challenging and innovative ETL Framework project. His exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail were definitely the main reasons in his and projects success. It's rare to come across someone with high software engineering and data engineering skills together as Michal. During our time working together, Michal consistently demonstrated exceptional analytical skills, out of the box thinking and always problem-solving. I highly recommend Michal for his dedication, professionalism, and ability to deliver results. He would be my first choice that I can fully trust for any upcoming projects."

ETL pipelines for batch and streaming processing

Jan 2022 - Present
  • Big Data
  • Data Lakehouse
  • ETL Pipelines
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Databricks

The goal of the project was to build ETL pipelines in Databricks for ingesting data from tens of internal & external data sources running on-prem or in cloud in order to create one true foundation for customer BI, machine learning, and real-time tracking projects. Types of data sources varied from API, websockets, SQL, mySQL, Oracle databases, SFTP to Event Hubs.

Our company augmented the client's team by providing two resources - lead data engineer & data engineer.

Lakehouse Framework -
internal Accenture asset

Jun 2021 - Oct 2021
  • Big Data
  • Data Lakehouse
  • ETL Pipelines
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Unit Tests

Lakehouse Framework is a generic reusable ELT pipeline build in Azure. Data from the source system are ingested by Azure Synapse Pipelines, stored in Azure Data Lake Storage, modeled and served in Azure Synapse by Spark Notebooks and consumed by Power BI.

It leverages multi-hop architecture and Delta tables for better performance and management of the data. The solution was built in a way that all project specific aspect were extracted into constants and configurable objects which makes it easily reusable on different projects. All the code is covered by unit tests.

Our company augmented the client's team by providing one resource - Michal Rutrich, who served as a solution architect, lead data and platform engineer.

Corporate website

Jul 2017 - Aug 2019
  • Front-end
  • Sitecore
  • Accessibility
  • Unit Tests

Client's ambition was to create a leading corporate website worthy of the world’s leading international bank. It had to shape people’s opinions and improves the bank’s reputation and allow journalists, investors, job-seekers and NGOs to achieve their site visit goals quickly and efficiently.

The website was implemented in Sitecore technology leveraging the latest trends - Helix design principles. Highly focused on accessibility, code coverage, unit and automated testing.

Our company augmented the client's team by providing three resources - Michal Rutrich, who served as a front end technology architect and a hands on team lead of the front end team and two Sitecore developers.

Profile picture of Lucy Farndon
Lucy Farndon Head of Publishing, Group Communications and Brand, HSBC

"Michal did a brilliant job throughout his work on our flagship website, both in his role at Accenture and afterwards when working within the HSBC team. He was a pleasure to work with, always motivated to get the best solution and keen to raise his own ideas, while also being a great team player. He never complained, and always approached challenges with good humour and motivation.
I hope to work with him again sometime."

Profile picture of Łukasz Zięba
Łukasz Zięba Senior Sitecore Engineer, HSBC

"I have worked with Michal for about two years on challenging Sitecore project – brand new version of flagship website of one of the biggest financial brands. Michal was in the role of lead front end dev/architect and we have tackled together many tricky problems, ran numerous brainstorming sessions about front-end architecture, coding techniques and design patterns. Michal helped a lot with taking right decisions that at the end helped a lot making the project successful. His bespoke technical skills and out of the box thinking was also reflecting in code quality of components delivered by him. Michal is great asset to the team – and I would recommend him without any hesitation."

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